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eHealthSystem India Video

NCORD’s eHealthSystem video about the benefits and features of eHealthSystem.

NCORD’s eHealthSystem – Marathi

NCORD’s eHealthSystem is real-time personal health record system with access to digitized medical information of an individual that can be used to aid clinicians in decision-making, It is a cloud based innovative and patented technology, adhering to international laws and standards, namely, HIPAA, HL7 and HITECH Act,guaranteeing security of medical records.

eHealthSystem – New York Launch Video

On January 23, 2015, NCORD launched eHealthcSystem in an event “Meet & Greet” at the Harvard Club, New York City.

Testimonials for eHealthSystem from various Doctors

Many Doctors & HealthCare Professionals had shared their views about eHealthSystem also explains about the benefits of electronic medical record through eHealthSystem.

Vision of eHealthSystem by Dr. Avinash Bhondve

Dr. Avinash Bhondve had presented the vision of electronic records in healthcare industry & suggested the various ways and the benefits of eHealthSystem for doctors & Medical professionals.

Benefits & Services of eHealthSystem by Mr. Madhav Kulkarni

Mr. Madhav Kulkarni had highlighted the value added services of eHealthCard like electronic records, customer care services, paperless records etc. He also explains the benefits of eHealthSystem for entire healthcare sector.

Vision of eHealthSystem by Mr. Nilesh Kandalgaonkar

NCORD’s Designated Partner Mr. Nilesh Kandalgaonkar views this as a summit of his vision and the realization of this will change existing principles of computerized social insurance.