Mr. Khalil Parkar

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Advisory Board Member

here Mr. Khalil Parkar is a hands-on healthcare industry executive & consultant, who currently serves as the President & Chief Executive Officer of MEX Canada, a firm specializing in the planning, design and engineering of hospitals and medical equipments. In this leadership position, Mr. Parkar coordinates an array of big-picture tasks for the company, such as providing personal business consulting on concepts and project planning for healthcare businesses. He also consults with telecommunication companies interested in setting up healthcare portals.

Mr. Parkar’s stellar record of success as a consultant is in part due to his technical skills, as demonstrated by his many accreditations and affiliations. These include the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, the American Academy of Medical Administrators, Canada’s Health Informatics Association, the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society, Healthcare India, Green4Care and the Howard Business Review Readers Forum. He has hands-on experience working on successful projects around the world and he takes special pride in his ability to listen to his clients and to learn from his peer groups, demonstrating the level of attention to personal relationships that has helped his career flourish.