Government Solutions

We work with the B2G sector to enable the government to deliver solutions for healthcare and wellness of the people.

Central and state governments and municipal corporations can benefit in designing healthcare policy and creating transparency by associating with us in the following manner:

  • Create an innovative, scalable and comprehensive digital solution for integration of health information on a single platform.
  • Improve efficiency of central data repositories of healthcare and health records of every citizen with possible integration of central UID, as per Modiji’s vison of digital India.
  • Design, monitor and analyse subsidies, grants and healthcare budgets in real time.
  • Track, set alarms and avoid epidemics and manage outbreak of diseases through monitoring data, immunization drives, etc.
  • Manage nation-wide health awareness, wellness initiatives, research and development projects and organ donation programmes, etc.
  • Improves seamless health data availability and medical connectivity anywhere, during critical medical emergencies.
  • Eliminate duplication of tests and unnecessary expenditure on medicines and tests done in Govt. Hospitals, thereby optimizing the healthcare budget.
  • Contributes to the overall benefit of improving the national health index.