August 19, 2017 97 eHealthSystem: Creating a Global Platform through Gen Next Health Record System eHealthSystem: Creating a Global Platform through Gen Next Health Record System

“With this eHealthSystem, NCORD has taken an initiate to fulfill the vision of prime minister Narendra Modi to reach every niche and corner of Indian cities and villages through technology. eHealthSystem is a cloud-based technology through which one can carry their medical records everywhere with them”, said company’s designated partner Nilesh Kandalgaonkar.

The eHealthSystem digitally stores and secures all medical records and makes them available wherever, and whenever. This results in better care, and timely emergency interventions.

“At NCORD Healthcard, four years of intensive steadiness, broad and fastidious examination united with visionary arranging, has prepared the NCORD eHealthSystem. With the dispatch of eHealthSystem, NCORD has demonstrated the development use of data innovation in health awareness”, said Kandalgaonkar.

Several recognised researchers and experts traversing the range of negotiators, analysts, and medicinal services industry attended the event highlighting the concept of digital India and its impact in various industries and sectors including healthcare industry and its broad spectrum.

Other experts presented the vision of electronic records in healthcare industry and suggested the various ways and the benefits of eHealthSystem for doctors and medical professionals.

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