Now, carry your med records online with e-HealthSystem

Now, carry your med records online with e-HealthSystem

Soon, carrying bulky medical files will be a thing of the past as city-based NCord Health Card LLP has launched its new service `eHealthSystem’ which will enable patients to access their medical records online straight from their doctor’s cabin.
The product, currently available as a web-based service and on cell phone, can be used by users by paying price ranging between Rs 1800 and Rs 5600, depending upon the features that a consumer subscribes to. The higher priced version will also provide Rs 3 lakh health insurance.

“The eHealthSystem is a cloud-based technology through which one can carry their medical records everywhere with them“, said Nilesh Kandalgaonkar, designated partner, NCord.The user can either upload the medical records by themselves (which will then be sorted by the back-end team of medical transcribers and doctors) or ask their testing laboratories to feed the data directly into the system by logging into the patient IDs, he added.

One of the biggest benefits for patients, according to the company’s website, is that it will reduce the need for repeated tests and treatment. Akshay Narkhede, NCord’s international business analyst & subject matter expert, said, “There are about 5,000 users currently (most acquired during the test phase) and the company hopes to acquire at least 1,00,000 users within a year.“

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