How can I join the NCORD HealthCard?

You can register for the NCORD’s Health Card by visiting ncordhealth.com and click on the ‘Register’ option. You can register as a user or a provider.

Is the NCORD Healthcard similar to a health insurance card?

No, the NCORD Healthcard is quite different from a health insurance card. The NCORD Healthcard provides 24X7 access to personalized digitized healthcare information that can be accessed by you or your healthcare provider. It does not provide medical or health insurance, however, users can benefit from excellent offers from health insurers who partner with us.

Who benefits from the eHealthCard?

NCORD’s eHealthSystem is primarily useful to all its users to digitally store and maintain their medical history. However, it is also useful to the doctors (to refer to patients’ data anytime), Chemists (to provide timely online drug availability details) and pathologists (to provide online reports to the patients & doctors).

Where and how can I use the eHealthSystem?

The eHealthSystem can be accessed via the online app and the eHealth Card. It can be used to upload your healthcare records and can be accessed by your healthcare provider or you as and when required.

Can my family members use the eHealth System?

No, your family members cannot use your eHealthCard for their medicare. Each user should be registered and have a unique card for themselves to use. If your family members are registered users, their names will be added to the family history that appears under User > EMR > Family History.

However, family members can access your medical records during an emergency by using the ‘guest user’ login.

How can I change the medical history?

You cannot change the medical history. The data is added by the Doctors as a part of their consultation and diagnostic process. You can make changes only in the personal information and the social history.

How do I delete my information on the eHealth Card?

NCORD’s eHealthSystem data cannot be deleted. In an event of revisions, it is logged in and the activity is recorded.

How does the eHealth System help healthcare consumers?

NCORD’s eHealthSystem digitally stores the consumer’s health data including the medical history and the family history. The system also provides access to our provider network. The patients carry the NCORD’s eHealthSystem during their visit to the doctor or hospital. This ensures their previous medical record is at hand for further diagnosis and treatments. In emergencies, this system can be used by the service providers to access information about the person and provide appropriate immediate medical attention. This often prevents wrong diagnosis and reduces risks related to cross-medication.

How do I pay for the eHealth System?

Payment for the plan chosen by you can be done using the following methods:

  1. Net Banking
  2. Token
  3. Credit Card Payment
  4. Debit Card Payment
  5. Paypal
What does access to the eHealth System cost?

The basic payment for the service is Rs. 365 a year plus taxes, which gives you access to the entire system. You will get free download of the mobile app and your own eHealth Card, also for free. There may be other charges associated with the use of the service depending on your usage.

Can I use the card at any hospital?

You can use the card only at the hospitals or providers that are a part of the NCORD’s eHealthSystem network.

How can I view my data on the system?

You need to login to the NCORD’s eHealthSystem website using your user credentials (i.e. user name and card number or email id and password). After authenticating user details you can view your information under categories.

Can the eHealth System be used for insurance claims processing?

Yes, NCORD’s eHealthSystem can be used for Insurance co-payment/claims processing. The hospital bills and supporting documents can be uploaded in the Bill Tally function of the application. It can be used for reference by the Insurance companies during the claims processing.

How can I resolve any issues or problems I may have with the app?

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to the team at support@ehealthcardindia.com“. Our experts will solve and reply to your query.

Can the application be used on a mobile, tablet or other devices?

Yes, you can access the application on your mobile phones and tablets.

What should I do if my eHealth Card is lost?

In case you lose your card, immediately mail us at “support@ehealthcardindia.com” to request for a new card. You can also call our helpline number for support.

Can the system book my doctor appointments?

Yes, the system has a feature to book appointments. You can either find it on the Global eHealthSystem User > Home page or book a request through Consultation.

Can I avail of any discounts through the system?

We would have tie ups with various providers who are a part of our network. You will find ‘packages’ on the system which entitle you to offers from these providers. You would be able to avail of discounts through these packages as a part of your member benefits.

How can the system be used in an emergency if the hospital is not a part of the network?

During emergencies NCORD’s ehealthSystem can be referred to know the patient’s name and number. Based on this information, the Doctors and other medical professionals registered under the network can access the information immediately.

In case the hospital is not a part of the network or if the healthcare professional is not registered with us, the ‘Guest User Login’ can be used to access the information.

What are the benefits of eHealth System to healthcare providers?

The benefits to the healthcare professionals like doctors are as follows:

  1. Availability of current medical data at all times
  2. Ability to obtain critical healthcare information from an incapacitated or unconscious patient
  3. Improved communication and information sharing among healthcare providers, physicians, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies
  4. Reduced administrative workload
  5. Enabling data collection for research purposes.