Indian Medical Science

Precious Discoveries of Ancient Indian medical science

The way to the base of brain goes through nose.” This anatomical discovery has changed the surgical scenario in ENT and brain surgeries some hundreds years ago. What if we came to know that this was discovered thousands year back in our own ancient medical science, Ayurveda! In fact this anatomical advantage was used effectively to treat many diseases related to the ears, nose, throat, neck and brain.

Ancient medical stream of Ayurveda can be dated 5000BC back and can be termed as the first documented literature of health, diseases, nutrition and medicine. There are hundreds of innovations in health which India introduced to the world. The principles are unchanged and accepted worldwide. Let’s see some of the very important and interesting contributions of Indian ancient Ayurveda.

  1. The first documented plastic surgery is narrated in Sushruta Samhita.It is globally accepted and many international surgeons refer the Sushruta book for more interesting references in surgeries.
  2. The first cataract surgery: A detail procedure of cataract removal in Sushrut Samhita is one of the things we Indians should be proud of.
  3. The first ever surgical documented procedure to remove the renal calculus (kidney stones) and you will certainly feel the goose bumps by the accuracy of the process and the knowledge of the anatomy.
  4. The concept of genes and inheritance of diseases and other characteristics in parents and family is one more important concept that Indian science has gifted to the world of medicine.
  5. The first science to introduce the concept of personal and community health and hygiene. The importance of daily regime and season wise lifestyle to prevent many diseases is globally accepted now. The ideal way to start and follow the day and the seasonal regimen are the unique lifestyle milestones that Ayurveda had laid thousand years ago.
  6. The first encyclopaedia of systemic classification of various food groups. Ayurveda has elaborated description of whatever edible on this planet. No other medicine science has ever stated the food and their role in health and diseases.
  7. The first medicine literature that defined sound physical and mental health as total health. Remember it was few thousand years ago, much before the WHO has stated the definition of health.
  8. The lifestyle guidance and importance of wholesome diet sleep and exercise to prevent and treat the diseases.
  9. The most famous therapy in psychology disorders is REBT (rational emotive behaviour therapy). Ayurvedic texts have stated the importance of behaviour and guidelines to behaviour management in a very elaborative manner for the prevention and management of simple emotional imbalance to severe mental illness
  10. The first written script to introduce toxicology i.e. science of various poisons, their treatment and antidote etc.

Every chapter in Ayurveda text itself is a precious contribution to the world of medicine. Interestingly with the failure of current stream of medicine in new age illness and lifestyle related diseases, Ayurveda certainly is a blessing!